Is a CryptoCurrency
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  • Last Update: Dec 16, 2017
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Asrocoin is not HYIP, its all profit generated from its coin minning and Proof of stake.Earn by Two way, make invest on our daily profit plan or buy Asrocoin and hold it for sell it in good price.

High-performance algorithm and encryption technology, ledger is updated synchronously, asset is safer.
Fast and Convenient
One-click service to issue and circulate CryptoCurrency, professional storage, easy operation
Compliance to laws and regulations can be achieved through smart contract and algorithm
Global Circulation
Exchanges are located world wide, digitalization is realized everywhere, tokens are circulated globally
Transparent Settlement
Registration and settlement mechanism of disital asset is complete, with standardized procedure, clear transaction, transparent settlement.
How you can be Millionaire?
There is two Unique way to be millionaire with AsroCoin Cryptocurrency.Either invest on our daily longterm plan or buy some good quantity of AsroCoin(AOC) from Crypto trade market.Every month Percentage of daily plan or Price of our AsroCoin will be increased. How can we say that price will be increased, because price depends on user perticipation. Prices increases with the increase of user participation. As for example: if you buy 1000 AsroCoin(AOC) with 0.00025 per AOC with total 0.25 btc, then within one month it will hit 0.0005 per AOC,which will double up your investment. Or either you can invest any fix amount on our daily plan, which will get you 60 to 80% margin per month depends on investment amount and plan.